Frequently Asked Question

How to charge/stop charging away from home (at public charging points)

Please read this if you are planning to take our electric LEAF on a longer trip

Green electricity company Ecotricity operate the Electric Highway, rapid charging points across the UK (mainly at motorway service stations, and some IKEA stores).
These charging points used to be free to use, however, Ecotricity have now changed the system so that they can charge for charging - sessions last 30 mins and cost £6 - which will top up our LEAF to run another 70-80 miles.
The Ecotricity card will no longer work on the charging points. You need to use the Electric Highway smartphone app. The app requires your credit or debit card - but if you are an Ecotricity customer, you can still charge for free. We suggest that you download the app before you leave home!

For other charging points there is a Polar / Chargemaster / Charge your car card in the glove compartment which Co-wheels Birmingham currently pays for.

We want charging to be easy for our members so if you find a charging point not covered by the above, please let us know.