Frequently Asked Question

How to charge/stop charging the car (at the home charging point on Sycamore Road)

This car must be plugged in to the charger whenever it is parked at Bournville Community Hub, so it is fully charged for the next user. 
When charging is complete (takes about 2-4 hours), the charger stops and the blue charging lights go off.

TO UNPLUG THE CAR (car end first, wall socket last)
 Unplug the car end (press the turquoise button on the plug while pulling), close the flap over the socket and push the lid on the bonnet closed.

Then unplug the charging point end (there’s no button, and you may need to pull quite hard).
Put the cable in the boot of the car (there’s a Nissan bag if you want to keep 
it contained). Some public charging points require you to use the car’s own cable. (The cable is also very expensive to replace!). There are wipes in the door pocket to clean your hands if the cable is dirty.

TO PLUG IN THE CAR (car end first, wall socket last)
Open the lid on the bonnet by pressing the button on the dashboard on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. The symbol on the button is a petrol pump with an electric plug.
Open the flap covering the right hand socket.
Take the cable out of the boot and plug in the end with the turquoise button. It will click and beep when it’s in properly.
Then plug the other end into the charging point on the wall. Push it firmly in and the light on the unit will change from blue to green, and the 3 blue lights on the car dashboard will start to flash.