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The all-electric, automatic Nissan LEAF is a joy to drive - zippy, responsive, almost silent. It has cruise control (let the car keep going at the speed you set, while you rest your foot!) and speed limiter (set the maximum speed and the car makes sure you stay within the speed limit, however hard you press the accelerator pedal!). With zero tailpipe emissions, the LEAF has a range of 80 miles between charging (depending on your driving style) and 60-70 miles on the motorway. Usually, the easiest way to top up on longer trips is at Ecotricity Electric Highway charging points at Motorway service stations.
You do need to get their app on your smart phone and register for the service - best to do this before you start your journey. All the information is here:

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When hiring the car, if you need to top-up charge there is an Ecotricity and Polar/ChargeMaster/Charge Your Car card in the glove compartment. 
For a full list of charging points visit ZapMap
Read the FAQ on Driving our all Electric Nissan Leaf and read more on why you should drive electric



 Price category: Medium

£5.50 per hour,
£11.00 overnight (8pm-8am)
£38.50 for 24 hours,


There is an inflatable child booster seat in the boot.  Other car seats are available on request for a small charge.