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Our car club for your business.

Practical, flexible, affordable.

Many Co-wheels members are businesses, large and small, who use us to provide a great alternative to company cars, paying staff to drive their own cars, taxis or standard hire cars.

On our standard ‘pay as you go’ prices, your business can have access to cars parked close to your office. They can be booked with very little notice and for as little as half an hour. So why pay for a full days car hire when you only need it for three hours, or stand waiting for the taxi that’s 30 minutes late?

In addition, your staff will be driving clean, fully maintained cars that you are not responsible for, as we are. They can leave their own cars at home, saving them money personally (e.g. parking charges) and helping to meet your own green travel aims.


And for employers that need cars on a more regular basis, Co-wheels offers some great packages, which could mean your own car club cars parked at your offices. We manage company owned fleets, using our nifty telematics to save you on admin costs and added convenience.

Co-wheels already provide a sustainable fleet management service for over 20 NHS, public sector organisations, universities and private business. More details at

INTERESTED? Please call Sandra Green on 0121 288 4882 to discuss your business transport needs, and find out if Co-wheels could work for you!