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You only have to register once with Co-wheels. Then you can book your car online or by telephone, unlock the car with your smartcard, and GO!

Here's how it works:

  1. Join us by creating an account online or call 0191 375 10 50. You'll pay a £25 joining fee, and then simply pay-as-you-go on the cars you book! See more information on our prices here.
  2. We'll then post your smartcard which is used to lock and unlock the cars, booking ID and user manual

Then you are all set to start making your bookings and using the cars!

With us, you only have to go through the joining process once... unlike a traditional car hire firm, where you have to go to their office, fill in forms and show your ID and license and credit card every time you want to book!


  • If you would like someone to show you around the cars and talk you through how best to drive them (eg cruise control, stop-start system), simply contact us or ring 0121 288 4882
  • If you would like to borrow child car seats / booster seats, roof bars, roof box or cycle carrier, please contact us or ring 0121 288 4882.