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The Guardian recently reported on research showing that air pollution is linked to mental illness in children, even at low levels. We already know that air pollution damages children's health and slows cognitive development. The effects of pollution on children are worse because their organs are immature and developing; and being more active they breathe more pollution into their never to develop properly lungs.

Air pollution causes at least 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK, millions of deaths across the world. Most of this pollution is caused by cars.
There are 31 million cars in the UK, 10 million more cars than 20 years ago.

Air pollution was called a 'public health emergency' by a cross party committee of MPs in April. Last week the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development said air pollution is becoming a 'terrifying' global problem.

We are all causing the problem.
Older cars produce more pollution, badly maintained cars cause more pollution, poor driving - accelerating and braking hard, causes more pollution.

So what can we do?
Use the bus, use your legs, use your bike, use the car club.