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Joining our car club has so many benefits, especially for families.

Car club member, Jade Cotton joined Co-wheels in September 2014. Here she shares her story about how the car club has given her the freedom to say ‘yes’ to getting out and about more with her family. Move over the Yes Man, here's the Yes Mum!

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“We’re lucky to live in walking and biking distance from schools and work, so don’t need a car to get around day-to-day. However, we found ourselves increasingly relying on friends and family for lifts when public transport wasn’t an option - especially Sundays.

"I’d passed my test 12 years ago and wanted to get back into driving – but I didn’t want the expense of owning a car, coupled with living on a main road with no parking and having no ‘no claims’ bonuses, buying a car wasn’t a practical option.”

“When I discovered Co-wheels, I worked out that joining would be cheaper than getting taxis and it’s much easier and convenient to renting a car as you can pick up and drop off at any time of day or night – rather than being restricted by Car Hire office opening hours.

“We now use the car club cars – the two Toyota Aygos which are parked just up the road from us on Ribblesdale Road in Stirchley, and the Ford Focus Ecoboost which is parked on Hazelwell Road, Kings Heath – at least once a month, for 24 hours or for a week at a time for holidays. We’ve used them to visit my family in Kidderminster, family days out – such as our next trip to Wonderland in Telford to visit Santa and also for our summer holidays in Wales and Devon. I find I also really plan what we’re going to do when we get the car, so I can utilise it as fully as possible, such as fitting in big family shop on the way home

“I would definitely recommend joining the car club to Mums who don't need a car day to day but who would find it really useful to have the option there - just in case. I now feel less confined by timetables (I used to dread Sunday trains!) and can say “yes” to more activities or invitations without always having to worry about the logistics.”

Find out more about how Co-wheels Birmingham membership can benefit you and your family.