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Many members join our car club because we offer affordable driving... but did you know about all the other things that make us better than traditional car hire?

For example:

  • lower insurance excess (ours is only £250 for drivers aged 25+, £500 for younger drivers)
  • you can book as little as 1 minute before your trip, or 12 months in advance
  • no office visits to complete forms, show driving licence, etc every time you book
  • flexibility over length of bookings (our minimum booking is half an hour)
  • flexibility over start and end times (available 24/7, because you don't have to visit the office)
  • you pay after your trip, not in advance
  • our prices are clear, we don't try to sell you more insurance or other add-ons
  • our prices are the same for every day of the year (unlike taxis!)
  • you can add other drivers to your account for a one-off payment of £15 (high street rental companies will charge you £10+ PER DAY to add another driver)
  • we don't rip you off with fuel charges or a fill-to-full policy, so you only pay for the actual distance travelled, and if you need to top up the tank, there's a fuel card inside the car for you to use to pay for it
  • our profits will go into the business or for social benefit, not for shareholders or car manufacturer's profits

Finally, we can deliver to your home (Birmingham area only)! You have to book in advance direct with Sandra, and she may ask you to give her a lift to the bus stop afterwards...