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You might have noticed that we have been describing our now retired VW Passatt as Katie. In fact all the cars in the fleet have names; Winnie, Eva, Ducky and Nellie to name just a few. Surprisingly only 39% of drivers give their cars a name, although the figure is 50% for women drivers. Do men think they are just driving a machine? Boats have names and so should cars. Although I suppose it's harder getting rid of Katie than of a Passatt. Talking of naming boats, we would like suggestons for a name for our new Toyota Auris, but no suggestions for Car-y McCarface please. Eamil your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the winner will receive a lovely driving credit.

Sadly poor Katie (our Passat estate) had to go.  Happily we now have her replacement: a Toyota Auris HYBRID estate. The Auris is the same size, can take roof bars and cycle carriers and is easier to drive. What's more, it emits just 84g/km CO2 - so now you can  drive your family around in a low-emissions car! She's parked on Franklin Road in Cotteridge, see the LOCATIONS & CARS page.


toyota auris at cotteridge park



Exciting news!

We recently applied for a loan through the Big Issue Invest project, and excitingly we got it! 

Not only did we secure the £20,000 loan from Big Issue Invest, but we also gained a £20,000 grant to match it from Big Lottery Fund. Sandra achieved this on the UnLtd Big Venture Challenge programme - we're so so happy in the office, and can't wait to convert it into new cars, and a cleaner, greener Birmingham. 

The money is specifically being spent on new vehicles and new marketing activity so that we can grow the club, reaching new members throughout the city.

Watch this space!


The Bad News: We had to withdraw our Passat estate from the fleet recently :(. Unfortunately she had a technical problem which meant she could no longer be used as a Co-Wheels Car. Whilst this is sad news, we've been quick to fill the gap in our fleet, and make an upgrade from the Diesel Passat.

The Good News: We’re getting a Toyota Auris HYBRID estate to replace her. The Auris is the same size, can take roof bars and cycle carriers and is easier to drive. What's more, it emits just 84g/km CO2 - so now you can even drive your family around in a low-emissions car! As soon as the new Auris arrives, we’ll let you know!

The very long awaited Government plan for tackling air pollution has been widely criticised for being totally inadequate. Local Authorities are expected to deal with the problem without the means to do so.

Pollution from diesel vehicles is estimated to cause 23,500 early deaths a year. Vehicle pollution is damaging our health and our children are going to pay the biggest price for our obsession with private cars.

We can't wait around for the Government to act. You are already doing something by being a member of a car club. Can do more by spreading the word?


reasons to join air pollution