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The Bad News: We had to withdraw our Passat estate from the fleet recently :(. Unfortunately she had a technical problem which meant she could no longer be used as a Co-Wheels Car. Whilst this is sad news, we've been quick to fill the gap in our fleet, and make an upgrade from the Diesel Passat.

The Good News: We’re getting a Toyota Auris HYBRID estate to replace her. The Auris is the same size, can take roof bars and cycle carriers and is easier to drive. What's more, it emits just 84g/km CO2 - so now you can even drive your family around in a low-emissions car! As soon as the new Auris arrives, we’ll let you know!

The very long awaited Government plan for tackling air pollution has been widely criticised for being totally inadequate. Local Authorities are expected to deal with the problem without the means to do so.

Pollution from diesel vehicles is estimated to cause 23,500 early deaths a year. Vehicle pollution is damaging our health and our children are going to pay the biggest price for our obsession with private cars.

We can't wait around for the Government to act. You are already doing something by being a member of a car club. Can do more by spreading the word?


reasons to join air pollution

Simply ‘unplug and go’ for just £5.25 per hour - AVAILABLE NOW!


The Guardian recently reported on research showing that air pollution is linked to mental illness in children, even at low levels. We already know that air pollution damages children's health and slows cognitive development. The effects of pollution on children are worse because their organs are immature and developing; and being more active they breathe more pollution into their never to develop properly lungs.

Air pollution causes at least 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK, millions of deaths across the world. Most of this pollution is caused by cars.
There are 31 million cars in the UK, 10 million more cars than 20 years ago.

Air pollution was called a 'public health emergency' by a cross party committee of MPs in April. Last week the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development said air pollution is becoming a 'terrifying' global problem.

We are all causing the problem.
Older cars produce more pollution, badly maintained cars cause more pollution, poor driving - accelerating and braking hard, causes more pollution.

So what can we do?
Use the bus, use your legs, use your bike, use the car club.

Electric Vehicles
 Co-wheels is at the forefront of electric vehicle provision in car clubs across the country.

Easy to drive, automatic, smooth and silent, our electric vehicles (EVs) are proving popular with all members.

Why choose Electric?

  • Improved air quality – there are no emissions at all at the point of driving, delivering a significant benefit to city centre pollution levels, including NOx and particulates, as well as CO2.
No noise – at speeds under 15mph the cars are almost silent (at higher speeds the noise comes from the wheel resistance), creating a more pleasant local neighborhood.
  • Fun, quick and easy to drive – the EVs are automatic, are very responsive and quick off the mark.
No mileage costs – making your Co-wheels booking even cheaper.
Lower impact option – EVs are over 40% more efficient than standard petrol and diesel cars.