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It's Go Green week, 12th-16th February, so what can we do?

You've already done a lot by joining a car club. You drive fewer miles, create less pollution, you might have sold your own car, you will often choose to use public transport or walk rather than drive. You have reduced your personal contribution to CO2 levels.

If you are thinking about joining a car club why not do it this week?

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There are many small changes we can make to lessen our environmental impact...

On the move:

Drive smoothly; accelerating and breaking gently really reduces the amount of fuel used and the amount of noxious gasses coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Keep your car well maintained and your tyres correctly inflated.

Never leave your car idling while you're parked.

Car share whenever you can.

Combine trips, several short journeys use much more fuel than one longer trip.

Walk and cycle more, the air is a lot more polluted inside your car.

In the home:

plan your meals for the week and reduce food waste.


turn off lights when you leave a room and put a jumper on and turn down the heating.

At the shops:

buy clothes from charity shops.

buy the fruit and veg that isn't wrapped in plastic.

Take your own coffee cup, bags and water bottle.

Cleaning; yourself and your home:

Choose natural products that don't contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Plant a tree



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